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Strawberry smell, easy errand and crocuses.

Light, air and roots.

Break, shortbread and dust.

Shortbread, tired and world radio.

Iris, shortbread and flowers in the woods.

Memory, viewing and rover.

Banana bread, chocolate and reading aloud.

Pancakes, blackbird at twilight and crow.

Knock, plan and waiting.

Chocolate at breakfast time, pockets and not Pink Floyd.

Rosey cheeks, behind and crackle.

Small tasks, snow and dance.

Ice rink, eggs and saved.

Snow, Harriet and one minute.

Early, snow and hot chocolate.

Green footpath sign, progress and bin.

Ginger cake, sunset and stirfry.

Can do, birdsong and prints.

Time passes, parcels and dates.

Catkins, sit down and dusting.