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Blue, tick and time out.

Films, flannel and final phrase.

A story, boudoir bras and bats.

Take that, cucumber carving and walking home.

Trousers, first aid and soft spot.

Choices, watermelon, gardening.

Chorus, saving and camping.

Worker bee, efficiency and luxury.

Prism, golden flower and kisses.

Actor, charmer and flying.

Singalong, a soaking and snuggle bugs.

Stop, baby and where did they go.

Eavesdropping, look and fresh air.

Comics, new moon and cordial.

Papers, beans and daydreams.

Dancing girls, so TWells and hoop-la.

Souvenirs, comedy value, furrier and spike-heeled boots.

Oli, extra audience and whisper.

Cat on a bike, do no harm and shock.

Father goose, sailor man and deer.

Breakfast, hot water bottle and summer fruit.

Flock, clean air and new dad.

Riders, arch and good news.

Two languages, limes and laughter.

Lair, light and grand dame.

Laughing water, appearing boy and taking stock.

Full house, outside in and box of chocs.

Today's achievement, to do list and after the rain.

DJ, showboating and we don't care if school falls down.

More sleep, down the hill and ironing.

Remember the horses, tiny soldiers and back in time.