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Sandwiches, cake and scrawl.

B&M, PR and art.

An adventurer is you, just in time and out of range.

Teatime, success and gay bar.

Snuggle buggle, horizon and chatter.

Technics, bargain and all for me.

Weather, craft and *£#!

On the bright side, shattered and devour.

De rig, preparations and colours.

Making ourselves at home, clouds and biscuits.

Grin, influence and washing.

Success, ooh and sofa.

I'm not the pheasant plucker, rays and manners.

Fit, long way and cosy.

Paperwork, who? and catch-up.

Transport, viewpoint and banquet.

Furniture, communication and dancing feet.

Weather eye, trance and dress sense.

Phenomenon, pears and stories.

Embrace, nutrition and spill.

Tweet, solvent and night.

Financial security, dress sense and peaks.

Reading matter, awakening and blush.

Keeping still, chalk lion and kittens.

Moving house, ruin and end of an era.

Light, leisure and luggage.

Genetics, story and post.

Demi, oo-oo ooo and bargain.

Light, festive and home.

Night soil, quick job and crispy sheets.

Anti grav, inappropriate crockery and hnort.