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Escape, the bath and Star Wars.

Scribbling, starting out and last of the pie.

Birthday, party and an aunt.

Chore, knowing your wife and birthday surprises.

Bye, the race and more space.

Opening his stocking, the bicycle and nursing him to sleep.

Gone out, unexpected and Christmas stocking.

Treat, decorations and lolly.

Escape, bag of presents and paperwhites.

Out to lunch, feverish and the new cuddle.

More sleep, in hand and about your day.

Going out, skit and in the mancave.

Polar Express, on the bridge and late night treat.

A cuddle, more food and raise your hand.

Pine, all asleep and no jelly.

Confiding, grown and dressing the tree.

Waiting to go out, three chocolates and the comma.

Pristine, an interesting cure for morning sickness and sing-song.

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Back, off duty and early night.

Feeling better, frost and cheering up.

More birds, the break and social graces.

Flowers, manners and laughter.

Savoy cabbage, clicks and con trail.

Surreal, support and sandwich.

No sickness, jab and one-to-one.

Snowfall, today's lesson and changing the beds.

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Pre-dawn, first look and new line.

Recognised, zappers and caterpillar.

Hooden horse, first Christmas card and explaining himself.

Christmas is coming, sleep and blush.

Hot chocolate delivered, missing and early.