Showing posts from November, 2011

Lilies, mince pie and early.

Rejoice, wipe and mountains.

Water vapour, control and roast dinner.

A word from Alec, bagels and home farm.

Cake, wonder and early night.

Rigid, planet and found my phone.

Lunch, climbing and up and down.

Thorn tree, voice and wrap up.

All right, new sister and anniversary.

Cava, chocolates and fruit.

My bath, time and my milk.

Pyjamas, meet and early to bed.

Mop, progress and phone.

Back to sleep, morning and which one.

Work, gutted and making the bed.

Schoolgirls, Mrs K and on the floor.

Apple, construction and rosemary.

Steps, tell me and shall we.

Reading, jonquils and a story.

Fitted in, chemists and crunching.

Giraffe, bus and writers.

Service, home early and recycling.

Launch, deep blue and Downton

Dust, gap and reflection.

Warm enough, masks and mash.

Box, snowflakes and hugs.

Jog on, meatballs and accident.

Village news, first dog and traces of Halloween.

Bye bye, warm cake and last thing.

Diver, mother and baby-safe.