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All clear, time to kill and going up.

A first, eye contact and advisor.

For valour, perfection and nearly there

Still they come, leftovers and professional

Signs of Christmas, flaming brandy and here's looking at you kid.

Small gifts, joint effort and ghost story.

Clear the way, on the move and room at the inn.

Remedy, treecreeper and wrapping up.

Good neighbour, melting and mince pies.

Untangled, advice and delivery.

Daffs, secrets and basket.

Blackbird, snow day and clearing the ice.

From the sky, coming up the hill and tidings.

Sliding, first to see and dumplings.

Try this, a good time of year to be born and tidying.

Resting, cake and the blender.

Polishing, stamp and done for me.

Posting, hey bring that back and one over.

Sleep, running dog and lamb chop.

Get back, chocolates and muffins.

Pick a panettone, pedicures and toes.

Up next, not bored and afternoon nap.

What we miss, Christmas shopping and tea talk.

Keep in touch, captured and in the window.

Waiting, technology works and no more hot water.

Baby tip, historic homes and what I liked.

Thaw, cloud and frying pan.

He got through, card and redwing.

Footprints, through the snow and feeding on fruit.

Service, blackbird and ginger biscuits.

Snow day, feed the birds and first winter.