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Joys, man of the cloth and daddy's girl.

Fungus, friends and voices.

Trio, push and sinking.

Daily grind, warm clothes and card trick.

New machine, excitement and comfort.

Words, summoning and green skirt.

Misty moisty, swish and domestic.

Glass wall, good cheer and neat habits.

Glimpse, half a hundred and jelly.

Conker, corset and curve.

Cooler, closure and pommes.

Autumn, staff of life and time for bed.

70s style, view and double line.

Boing, skirts and for the driver.

Phew, pider and jam pots.

Costumes, drunk and rite of passage.

Warmth, furniture and storm.

Ducks, puzzle and time out.

Lie-in, games and to the future.

Hats, rock down and everyone's friend.

Day dress, free time and tea.

Hunting over, woodland and babytalk.

Little deer, eclipse and drama.

To Russia with love, Chrysanthemum Throne and toadstools.

Changes, woodsmoke and transformation.

Little birds, traveller and good book

Alone, writer and wake up Donnie.

Big shopping, safe and second thoughts.

Steam, flag and staying strong.

Just me, knowing what I want and saving the best till last.