Showing posts from November, 2007

Duties, night smells and a winner.

Holding the baby, talking it over and warming up.

Spheres, getting better and a bit of fun.

Freedom, got you and a fairtale.

Eaten, first contact and us two.

Some space, no rush and alphabet.

Treat, staying warm and root vegetables.

Just us, sibs and decorations.

Bridge, dinner and see my face.

Back down, manners and pictures.

Warm woollens, it's new and wrapping my hands round.

Glass peacocks, waiting for tea and lady in a yellow dress.

Race, touch of magic and sweetcorn.

Catching the sun, my cake and essential oils.

Sugar, muffin and end of the day.

Layer cake, a stew and good advice

Move over, mothers' meeting and sitting room.

Conveyance, talk and envy.

The papers, our garden and this is where I go.

Honey, carp and words.

Anticipation, turning a corner, tea time and being a couple.

Grazers, digger and against the window.

Comforts, supplies and the film that has everything.

Shuffling, biscuits and warmth.

Cherries, foliage and now we're talking.

A happy month, end of the day and woolies.

Small touches, I don't need your help and orange.

Wardrobe by post, that has shown you and all by myself.

The morning after, cinema verite and our passion.

Home run, giddy and sweets.