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Strong women, my timer and mushroom.

Stop go, replacement and after supper.

Gamer, the station and Sister Justinia's parrot.

End of the line, hard carbon and the man behind the legend.

Grandmother, in pictures and Christmas cakes.

He came after all, the lover's gift and Doctor Who

Tea time, black hat and details.

Stop, gifts and fog.

Miraculous escape, a light and getting better.

Green box, unique selling point and bye bye.

Emergencies, gifts and dish.

Wake up, armed and eastern promise.

Compliments, a smile and retained heat.

You know the one, Santa baby and good in a crisis.

Housework, war wounds and shine.

Flowers, Christmas is coming and you know what I mean.

Red and green, small dog and printing.

Surface, off the hook and nut shells.

Tree at the top, outlined and coming home.

Bottled jewels, ten for a penny and a challenge.

A tray, not us and keeping warm.

Coffee, film and supplies.

Morale, art and a new skill.

Rolling, other worlds and the story continues.

Tiny flowers, what have I done and nothings.

Stickiness, in your own time and parcels.

Box, book and dinner.

Cats, bread and dog.

Thrift, we like cheese and choir.

Tiny cakes, a shop and the possibilities.

Dryshod, a pause and adventuring.