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Copy writing, meadow and writer.

Slow moving, malt loaf and dancer.

Tremble, banana and chocolate and game.

Hot chocolate, sticky child and core stability.

Now, lie in and soup.

Wedding bells, imperial march and welcome.

Smell the coffee, yellow bills and forecast.

Sparrow fart, hanging out and my routine.

Breaking in, writing talk and ironing.

Bed tea, one mind and meat.

East west, roast dinner and moving in.

How long, moult and guerilla tactics.

Time, twist and avast.

Accident, feed and reports.

Italics, national treasure and dancing queen.

Timing, lighting and hunter's stew.

Order, nuts and grasshopper.

Sploosh, cardboard and wardrobe.

Red, white and Europe.

Lie-in, persistent and we who are about to die.

Gathering, trim and steak.

Toffee crisp, bath and play.

Slurp, greens and

Rain at last, House of Exile and lime to come.

Again, it's coming and meringues.

Artful nature, babies and a view.

Summer flowers, radio and fruit salad.

Digger, first through and yellow.

Mine now, come back and favourite.

High places, sleeping beauty and looking down.

Made manifest, Moomins and take note.