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A sense of scale, rituals and not a happy ending.

The post, not scared and the way to a man's heart.

Boy feet, sitting down and The Proms.

Green bath, sleep and be damned and before the deadline.

Crackling, to the fair and weak and weary.

Chase me, messing and rock 'n' roll lifestyle.

Laugh, smile and dry jeans.

Asleep and far away, off the estate and go away.

Steam train, queuing and the word.

Dad school, heartsease and naming names.

Sausage, pruning the wisteria and time to go home.

Alone, tap-tap and train on a string.

Alec's morning, taken away and 20 hours of freedom.

Whistling, creatives and cat.

Cookie, remember rowan and from the north.

What milk, crossing paths and message.

Cobwebs, escape and merriment.

Man bubs, loll and washing machine.

Mementos, where's Alec and closing ceremony.

Starting out, view from the window and greetings.

Wake up, point don't pick and waste.

Fizz, working outside and Thursday tea.

Forget-me-not, tea and Dracula.

Lavender, mutton stew and waking words.

A piece of sausage, peace and quiet and feeding Baby.

Husband help, whirling and meet-up.

Dim, chocolate and reading.

Rowan, fried egg and Alice in colour.

Mutton, for the weekend and learning.

Head first, sudden and recovery.

Ice cream cone, nursery tea and waiting up.