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Catch up, take that and it really works.

No work, summer fruit and book buying.

Thistledown, leap and accompaniment.

Regular, cobs and warmth.

Recovery, he slays himself and bitter sweet.

Green, Nurse Matilda and Charlie.

Words, shivers and fungus.

Validation, from sun to shade and harvest.

Falling, hot drink and clean linen.

Watering, strange smells and the names of colours.

Jackets off, Mediterranean and way out west.

Tipping down, little people and thinking of Anna.

Being fed, girls and slightly concerning.

All change, princesses and warmth.

Race that knows Joseph, secret garden and rolling rock.

Foamy, ginger and manners.

Hot chocolate, all aboard and gardens.

Yellow, little doggies and what can that terrible crunching and clatter be?

Tummy fat, apples and thinking of Rich.

Meat, apples and gourd.

Singed bread, hey Mr Postman and needles.

Webs, beans and crimp.

Orange, pudding and wild food.

Little zoo, cake and tee hee.

Toms, sneaking in and flicker.

All in, blueberries and washed.

Little blue, crossing and olives.

Mmm tasty, watching me watching you and fungus.

Chocolate, vapours and banged grains.

Tears, fly and right all along.

Games, words and chips.