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Shunting yard, tinplate and the golden dog.

Art, theatre and takeaway menu.

The heat, look-a-like and no more rice.

Cutting out, cafe and roll over.

Cup of tea, it rains and autumn apples.

Depths of winter, monkey man and naming names.

Entente cordiale, first run and cheese on toast.

Say my name, a dress and going to sleep.

I didn't mean to go to sleep, festival and freesias.

Work, other babies and starfish hands.

Filled card, going back and laundry.

Installation, treasure and result: happiness.

Nap, walking home slowly and the hug.

New table cloth, indulge and stock.

Cool head, shutting myself away and among strangers.

Granola, meeting for lunch and home alone.

Cabbage white, in the queue and the hug.

Bitter, while you were sleeping and all gone.

Torchlight, sitting up and slain.

Let's go, swinging and writing an essay.

Interactive, slow help and paintwork.

Sleeping alone, grubby toddler and first fruits.

Lucky late, sleek and painting.

An opinion, magnetism and graphologist.

Not coppers, hallo pillars and stuck.

Small trains, on the toes and up.

Pink milk, being us and an icecream.

Camera, well met and cold back.

Getting out, catch and brambles.

Let's have lunch now, attachment parenting and possibly a dog.