Showing posts from April, 2009

Yellow paper, out and home now.

Just like that, wafers and my words.

Not snow, observed and that's not my fiance -- his chin is too smooth.

Spring setting, red-green and get round.

Tulips, where was I and the mystery vegetable.

Going goth, ooh sparkly and Tiny Tin Lady.

No coat, prize and roll it.

What's going on, evening match and in our box.

Balmy, landscape and out like a light.

Smoky, cherry blossom and a place to sit.

Face ache, hear ye, the dance.

Constellations, seeing glass and jewel box.

Going, a promise and page layout.

Workspace, blown over and at height.

Shell sound, that's what a squill is and no porpoises.

Family album, white flowers and love letter.

Getting out of here, windmill and copper mine.

Tideline, pebbles and egret.

Gorse, game of shadows and purple gaze.

Boat song, that place and birthday cake.

Pottering, a stranger and small voice.

Lift, draining away and on the bus.

It's time, coming through and all the good things.

Tidied, what happened next and gifts of the magi.

My space, relative value and resources.

On their way, the festival and secrets.

Mist, important and another way of doing it.

On track, bricks and justification.

Treasure trove, walking home and gotcha.

Undressing, soup and writing space.