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Steaks, cake and sweeping.

Birthday, coming home and badgers.

Re-reading, lightbulb moments and a good evening.

One step at a time, escape and trees on a wet night.

Now, variety and off to the theatre.

Use your loaf, seagulls and end of work.

Shoe bin, dinner bell and bathmat.

Storing up sunshine, new bread and windowsills.

Peppercorns, stock and whaler's wife.

Wild things, spirits and final touches.

Bamboozled, proof-reading and the end of the day.

Friends, pancakes and Murdoch.

Not commuting, the long walk and an interview.

Two cards, cheap shop and paper soldiers.

The run, parade and recital.

Milkman, pram and more room.

Treasure, education and supper.

Catch-up, easy dinner and on not finishing pate at lunchtime.

Got everything, rings on and star gazing.

Husband at home, now you don't and baby

Road, return and airship.

The hug, waiting to see and brownies.

Hedge moon, winter lizards and Atlantis.

Tea, early and the act.

Send, blue smoke and turning off lights.

Archaeology, face and baking.

Snow, not fish sauce and sleeping.

Scarlet scarf, advice and the step.