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Little brown job, turkeys and puppy.

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Sunday morning, warming up and tracking.

Foodie, still waiting and squirrel.

Seeds, tax return and melting.

Snuggly, biscuits and night feeds.

Meeting for coffee, Christmas shopping and shift.

Long morning, us next and sleep.

Tea, thinking of Christmas and Katie's parcel.

Late bee, taking tea and winter duvet.

Flowers, stretching and red on white.

Winter window, not going out and in capable hands.

Spindle, better and sound effects.

Filling, fluff and fathers.

Outdoors, roll and washing.

Certificate, bitter and dads.

Scarlet suit, pork and science fiction.

Not nothing, sit down and supper.

Day off, robin and midwife.

Silence, trim and not isolated.

Contrast, find the baby and no trouble.

Not up yet, biscuits and next time.

End of autumn, woodsmoke and circles.

Changing the bed, nursery and meet you at the abbey.

Parcel, parkin and park.

No coat, flowers and fizzy wine.

Put together, tasting notes and the party continues.

Cake, guest bed and parent talk.

Learning a lot, huntress and inevitable.

Next generation, like sand and communication.

Changing times, local paper and nasturtium.