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Ladybird, bumping into my husband coming home and in the grand scheme of things.

Sit back, conference call and petrels.

Spotty dog, empty and dozing off.

Twofer, about that... and my rest hour.

Dunnock, related and round the towels.

Clutch, in the rain and last half.

Cold, back again and tart.

Prepared, bath and a right pair.

Parcel, any minute and sherry.

Bagging, date and patience.

Swimmer, sets and bad day.

Pink strawberries, a bag of compost and stamps.

Father's Day, Ruby and water.

Noises, pot and forgotten.

By myself, strawberry and to myself.

Pointing, keyboard and fennel.

Face time, drop and more.

Out, park and cafe.

Hanging garden, warmer and sharing.

Egg, tin can and no more work.

Proud walker, cricket and do it.

Escape, the last word and a question of snakes.

Come home, wet cuffs and curry.

Red juice, packed lunch and documentary.

Wild strawberries, broad beans and chickens.

Mashed potato, sleep and bath oils.

Passing fever, rib of beef and pageant.

Ratty, my time and shellfiish.

Unwound, over the wall and treacle.

Seedling-led gardening, rabbit and supplies.