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High, light and pennies.

Special guest

Laundry, Chinese and blow.

Bird, sweets and TV.

Hot water, letters and lotus.

Huh, pop and glass.

Return, parcels and greenery.

Cannon, masked man and chill.

Tidy, burdens and eggs.

Twinkle, tart and laundry.

Red and white, prepared and warmer.

They shut the road through the woods, table and terror.

Hanging around, grasshopper and salt fish.

Bread, fun and sweeties.

Falling, easy food and

Book, doves and citrus

Legend, bowl and mentor.

Caught on the wind, verses and crocus.

Bread and butter, winter gathering and timing.

Light, offspring and lady of leisure.

Completion, let go and warmth.

Float away, flaneur and look.

Orange, engrossed and victory.

Countdown, architecture and gate.

Settle down, spices and covering pages.

Tones, tin and fry up.

Sing, sharing and stroll.

Where is everyone, it works and garnish.

Look where you're going, ooh egg and bug in rug.

Cousins, proposal and needle.

BBC, sparkle and camphor.

Ink, inspiration and love apple.

Rice, beer and aged aged man.

On time, little books and nibble.

Strike, psychic and bust.

Handwarmer, drums and look up.

Dogs, coat and meat.

Aroma, brown study and one by one.

Black and gold, floribundulous and seed cake.

Lick, D-I-S-C-O and warpaint.

Alone, postcards and square meal.

Friday feeling, just a little further and congratulations.

Nine beautiful things.

Sound of silence, light ray and shadows.

Theatre, an extra pair of hands and a few chili dogs.

Lily the pink, ginger peril and two dogs.

Stalks, vines and family dinner.

She did, tricolore and midnight feast.

Cobbler, almonds and waiters.

Flowers are best, frying pan and skiing.

Prize, hieroglyphs and catch up.

Throwing it down, caramel and ship-shape.

His tail is long, where am I and redolent.

Choux-choux-be-doo, it wasn't us and dumplings.

Our gang, chestnuts and procrastination.

Green fizz, unusual conversation and whizz bang.

Whirl, jaybird and deer.

Up and away, new coat and glossy.

Fairytale, birdsong and stamps.

Meeting mates, new sounds and switch on.

Sugar, light and greetings.

Iron, spies and sparks.

Half awake, problem hair and warm hands.

Speed, snap and snuggle.

First post, chills and cross-stitch charted territory.

John Peel, art and half task.

Biscuits, dinner and sparkly.

Wet, sheep and swans.

Decorate, neighbours and discovery.

Turning year, suck and naughty shoes.

Hocus pocus, beach boy and Boris.

Edged, mild and artistic licence.

Naked garden, dancing lantern and sight.

Shrinking harpy, old star and back in time.

Flip, granddam and moonling.

Drops, might have been snow and crush.

Workmen, trim and language.

Fear, glossy and cheferie.

Shut up, everyone came and filthy lucre.

Wet, lunch and scrawl.

Radiator, strides and gammon and spinach.

Confisserie, careful what you wish for and treat.

Financial diet, Bean there done that, interruptions.

Dark deeds, tree surgery and hallucinations.

Birdie with a yellow bill, communications and findings.

Paint, sophisticates and slam.

Kip, book sale and The Mymble.

Buzz, conkers and tempus fugit.

Aubergines, curled up and green fairy.

First thing, boys and Miss Fix-it.

Yes Rose, breakfast and green.

Witch, fallen civilisation and moonrise.

Figs, hovering and grapes.

Herbs, bathing and in the sand.

Morning coats, fluttering and caerulean.

Sweet winds, exotic groceries and stones.

Treasure, old lady and mandorla

Early, naughty dogs and sleepy.

Bits of paper, hammers and belle helene.

Tall trees, 20:20 and pudding.

Grey, all done and warm bones.

Washing day, veggies and just passing.

Family, ice & lemon and homecoming.

Purse, damp and cookies.

Harbour, swing and quiet.

Reunion, winter wardrobe and vin blanc.

Doggy, chickens and shadow.

Grandeur, oil and manners.

High seas, strange vegetables and rescue.

Deshabille, conversion and workshop.

Sleeping alone, key and memory.

Kites, make-do and fungus.

Legs, travelling light and spindle.

Automaton, fairy tale and between two roses.

As above, sky sheep and bitter bind.

Leaves, defensible and unusual colours

Jousting, lumberjack and inland sea.

Arrival, tick tock and chocolate.

Westies, purple and de-mob happy.

Dogs, infants and music.

BBs, cyclamen and world domination.

Path, radio and DIY

Love gift, palm and knives.

Beer, jelly and fennel.

Imaginary coffee, shopping and jelly.

Rain, fish and sports.

Acquaintances, milestones and drink.

Jam, baking and crumble.

Adonis, Cos and siblings.

Joinery, carrots and aniseed.

Nursery, Romans and pink.

Generous gardener, ummm and talk.

Hometown, shopping and darkness visible.

Red, other people's friends and whistles.

Couture, water and ursa major.

Up, falling and cake delivery.

Old friend, come home and miz-maz.

Brekkie, cocktail and confection.

Boats, banners and bubbles.

World at your feet, tee hee and nightcap.

Surf's up, mint leaves and chatty.

Go mango wharf, dark clouds and mousie.

Juice, origami and hairwash.

Ill, red meat and lost love.

Lost, ocean and lollies.

Going back, bouncing light and pink shoes.

Twenty minutes, plantlife and haircare.

Pink, sparkly and a fight.

Dog, return and travel.

No more snot, little birds and essential oils.

Amble, little drops of water and shop talk.

Lucky find, pride and dust.

Green and scarlet, a kip and little pigs.

Chocolate, Lunch and Northern Exposure.

Walking the dog, blackberries and sunflowers.