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Grace, listening in and being boys.

Are we, tiny adventure and booking up.

Joining in, in the other room and wide eyes.

Not going, megatherium and pterodactyls.

Slow down, end of autumn and what are you doing.

Baking, breaking an egg and cheered up.

Company, stay away and tea merchants.

A pink foot, one line and the whale.

To look, noticed and our anniversary.

Push, wakeful and soothing.

Tea in bed, distract and towers.

How it works, good work and babysitter.

Flashing shoes, lorry and hanging on.

Breakfast together, get out and stash.

Pear, not my place and free mince pie.

Trim, pot and shoulder.

Reflection, not needed and mystery package.

Back at you, paperwhites and tactics.

Searching, hand over and in from the car.

Forgiven, brights and a sound.

Gift of time, Katie's faces and out of the rain.

Menu, sitting still and exit.

Left foot, dungeon crawl and castle.

Laughing, wind in the chimney and key.

Tint, benighted and tall tale.

Museum, at twilight and expedition.

Lunch done, sliced bread and too tired.

Quality time, magnolias and future lunches.

Hand in hand, the sort of thing I would do and back home.

Bus, nest and lanterns.