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The swap, bouncy balls and Watson.

Reflection, brioche and the guess.

Birds, run and writing.

Leftover, dandelion clocks and hot cross buns.

Jigsaw puzzle, snooze and slash.

Yoghurt, zoetrope and light reading.

Sprinker, loaf and promises.

Equal, squeeze and the same line.

FT, to talk and doll.

Mid morning, cartoon and darkening.

No egg, butterfly kite and tear off.

Happy, new biscuits and reading for work.

Shower, happily ever after and a downpour.

Pigeon, pause and reading material.

At a distance, quick planting and social sewing.

Play, shamble and cooler.

Skive, replenish and glass of wine.

Excited, slide and stitch.

Fizz, isolated and reading aloud.

Real warmth, eggs and hot cross buns.

Pea shoots, sing-a-long and tired.

Rebels, choral arrangement and post-apoc domestic scene.

Jackdaws, meal plans and running water.

Reading by video link, help is on the way and the quick brown fox.

Tussock, pep talk and nothing.

Reading, knife skills and hollow.

Goldfinch, camping in and dream.

Never, nuthatch and Fiasco.

Eggs, date and pie.

Yellow hedge, tiny people and snack.