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Company, relief and 1000 years ago.

Usual place, out early and turning year.

Stick, messy play and a quick recovery.

Childcare, cuddle break and a good day.

'Sick' baby, books through the door and a muscle.

Easy work, brave and the fever.

First steps, parcel post and the box of donuts.

Wetsuit, sleeper and nose.

Forbidden, shelter and the camera.

Dark skies, Saturday tea and Little Gem.

Tour, in charge and pleased to see me.

Domestic, list and out of the tool box.

Lift, axolotl and ephemera.

Hands, pie and found food.

Love, jackdaws and farmyard impressions.

Bread, across the world and being good.

Washing machine, winter tea and apricots.

Baby, boys and the radio.

Buy some new ones, chore time and scribble.

Angry cat, striped and in the dark.

Forget, quiet and bricks.

Nap before swimming, dog walker and ducks for all.

All alone, noodles and a good sleep.

Petit dej, lie-out and on his own terms.

Strike out, nursery and in our bed.

Porridge, out of my depth and in the study.

The walk, new view and cafe stop.

Delivery, after the storm and afternoon nap.

Epic, warming him up and lunch.

Highchair, walk after lunch and childcare.

Open door, sales shoppers and mayonnaise.