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Alterations, hands free and the end of winter.

Birthday man, cheesecake and candlelight.

Zesty, crocuses and you're a good man.

One and the same, eyelashes and not a care.

The answer, sweet meat and baby talk.

Tray, weigh in and Nick's supper.

Rock on, Mr Cool and no longer the centre of attention.

Look down, kick about and wind.

Better things to do, Green Arrow and ancient cats.

Easy morning, band leader and sponge cake.

Hold this a sec, first day of spring and reading.

Cool water, sandwich and all change.

Putting the rubbish out, settling and not settling.

Nappy change, waiting in the rain and I heart you.

St Valentine, carrying and godmother.

Model, nap and Nick disobeys the health visitor.

At home, survival situation and crumpets.

Clear the decks, charmer and chives.

Life lessons, size and soft.

Face time, sleep and the gate.

Escape, spring is coming and making a choice.

Family resemblance, updates and the godfather.

Open book, baking and picture that.

Right angles, better day and roquet.

Sleeping in, soothed and out for a walk.

Sense of scale, treasure house and checking the colour.

Big sister, young mother and milestones.

Storing up, tin and radio waves.