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The lie-in, clean gnashers and I was there first.

Borrow this, long rain and family.

Christmas tree seeds, bread pudding and rain on washing day.

Venetian tale, little locos and dust.

Improve, pleasing the art editor and purple daisies.

Storm light, not alone and made it.

Interview booked, the great library and Katie's grandmother.

Cleaning my glasses, low cloud and Charlotte's gift.

Waiting, it's over and I'm having a bath.

Shake dry, Sunday treat and miscounted.

Spice Store, battle and the solar system.

I'll be along, mist and convenience food.

No coat, everybody out and baked potato.

A secret, crocuses and don't move.

First warmth, the opportunity and she's reading.

Organised, chipper and turning the table.

Good spirits, washing line and light opera.

Strootch, better and bouquets.

More rubbish, painted windows and left to my own devices.

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The workers, treacle tip and Nick's pie.

Cleaning, getting rid and mushrooms.

No, sugar and chilli.

Over the wall, volunteer and fried apples.

Stay out of the kitchen, daff robbers and books out.

The shade, sponge cake and a man knows the lining of his own coat.

No to work, He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named and that's magic.

Absorbed, get out and home cooking.

Cabbages, prime ministers and rocky roads.

Baking, town badgers and not alone.

Light at last, Hedera helix and fat.

I'm staying here, getting things done and entertaining.