Showing posts from June, 2005

Sibs, sardines and writers.

Dirty weather, sails and calm.

Biscuits, ball and to do.

Letting things slip, giants and princesses.

Bunches, flying and redemption.

Picture this, under water and storm.

Open, run and cool.

Shh, ready to go and poplar.

Cooler, plans and Captain Jack.

Talk, flowers and veggies.

Red hat, how does he do it and toasty.

Boys, furniture and more boys.

Lots of Cs, jelly and zzzz.

Red, squares and waxy.

Dusk, green fizz and Mrs Hauksbee.

Fragrant, pussycat and banged grains.

Sparkling, bounce and nice cup tea.

Yah, last of the sun and sickle moon.

It's time to leave home, I'll never drink again and solid by Clare.

Tent, cup and shake by Clare.

Damp, you know me too well and cake.

Slurp, mash and fairies.

Garamond, numbers and green guides.

Pink roses, herbal and jam.

Dinner, sweet tooth and fizzy.

Yapping, to sir with love and yo disco.

Cash, stories, dawn.

Roots, knot and jaybird.

Olives, recognition and mending.

Bed, iron and jelly.