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Fixer, card and lecture.

Pastries, first swim and proper relaxation.

Just waiting around, settling in and nursery tea.

Soldiers, delete and more loved.

Throat, family resemblance and night talk.

Parenting, rainbow and mellow.

Stealth boasting, signing off and I'm on my way.

Vagrants, my lunch and spring coming.

Dabbler, no more and crawling.

Digging, long awaited and all set straight.

Rummage, Cheddar cheese and both down.

Compliments, changeable and getting ready for bed.

Surrender, problem and wait.

Hunter, good fortune and on my cake.

Two of us, dashing through the rain and stretch.

Mother, father and lazy readers.

Macaron, hoping and hungry.

Gum, exit and pinch.

Nap, escape and boiled eggs.

Motor skills, all mine and big boy trousers.

Shiners, filling the time and in the baby room.

A kindness, satisficer and sleeping baby.

Electronica, get out and pets.

Better, dad and comforter.

Sick, asleep and more sick.

Tags, evidence and starving.

Cake box, dahhhh-ling and just this once.