Thursday, November 16, 2006

Ten minute's grace, meeting point and stillness.

1. I race out of the house late and hurry down the High Street, jabbing at my phone to call John P who is giving me a lift. 'I'm late. Please don't leave without me!' 'That's fine, I'm just getting out of the bath. I'll be about ten minutes. Go and have a coffee.' So I go for a stroll round the park and admire the leaves which have suddenly turned yellow and gold.

2. A schoolgirl waiting for her friend in the middle of the park. All the secondary schoolgirls round here have a short skirt for their uniform. It makes them look very leggy and a bit awkward.

3. Before yoga, our hall is used by a very noisy children's group. They always run late, so we've taken to going in as they are clearing up. There is always shouting: 'Whose is this jacket?' 'Whose rubbish?' 'Pick up that bag and take it to the car!' 'Come on Becky! Hurry up!' and I really like the silence after the door bangs behind the last one.