Friday, December 09, 2022

Up the hill, between pavement and stars and hiding.

1. We walk to school along the valley bottom. The sunlight is catching the woods above us, still hanging on to their autumn colours. It's not until we're nearly at school that we can stand in the sun ourselves.

2. There is a perfect Mary Poppins sunset, with smoking chimneys before a dirty orange sky fading up from duck-egg blue to night blue.

3. It feels like Bettany and I will never grow out of lying under the covers, holding our breaths and trying not to giggle while we wait for someone to be surprised at finding us. 

Dawn, wonder pens and after nightfall.

1. 'What are you doing? Get back into bed!' says Bettany severely. I assure her that I'm just looking out of the window at the p...