Tuesday, February 06, 2024

Startle, Traitors and art book.

1. I go to wake Alec and he does a startley thing that I recognise from when he was a baby.

2. Bettany complains that everyone at school is playing Traitors and that she feels left out because she hasn't seen it. I tell her that in my meeting people were saying how entertaining it is and I felt a bit sad that I couldn't join in the conversation. So we agree to watch half an episode a night.

3. I still have an art book from Christmas that I haven't looked at yet. So as I have a spare evening, I spend it enjoying the pictures.

Grape hyacinths, there he is and buttered.

1. Spotting the waxy blue tops of grape hyacinths among the tiny daffodils in my tiny back garden. They are a very welcome sight. 2. Before ...