Thursday, November 03, 2005

Glee, dream cake and life skill.

1. I like the cheery girl in my favourite coffee shop. She is Canadian and has a funny munchkin voice that makes me smile every time I hear it. She acts as if she is delighted to dish out coffee and cakes to everyone, no matter how early the hour or foul the weather.

2. The chocolate brownie that I didn't eat at lunchtime. It tastes so much better in my imagination than it would have if I bought and eaten it. No really.

3. At the back of my mind is always the fear that should I be called upon to do first aid, I don't actually know how to do CPR -- not any more though. I've been on a course. They've even given me a special sheet to keep in my handbag in case the patient is not very hygienic. And they told that the chorus of Nellie the Elephant keeps you in rhythm and gives you the 15 compressions before you need to do two rescue breaths. But they said not to do it out loud because it offends by-standers.