Saturday, November 05, 2005

Gale, cupboard love and looker.

1. It's been stormy all week, so a sunny day is a relief. I like it when I can stand in the warm sun while I wait for Oli to come and pick me up for work.

2. A colleague has a coffee morning each year for a charity that raises money for babies who live with their mothers in prison. We've bought raffle tickets and jam and cyclamens and pansies and guessed the number of sweets in a jar and suffered the emotional rollercoaster of the tombola more because we hope she'll bring us leftover cake on Monday than because we want to help what we secretly call 'Babies behind bars' and 'Babies on death row'.

3. Jon's friend Steve for having really unusual shiney bluey-greyish-greeny eyes and uber-super-good cheekbones.