Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The city, strike and chocolate.

More delightful emails from Saga readers -- thank you once again. Les Moody shares a beautiful thing that I liked very much:
To have that lovely smile from my 16months old grandaughter Lydia. Sunday we walked on the beach at Leigh-on Solent and the nicest feeling is a little hand reaching up for a couple of fingers to hold on to for support in walking over the stones.

1. The Knight City Chronicles. A former housemate of mine is story telling a small but loyal group through the rainwashed streets of Knight City. This is a place of mystery and gothic horrors, yet it is strangely familiar to anyone from around Tunbridge Wells -- I feel at home despite the abandoned hospitals and sinister circus tents on the Common; despite the porn king dwarf with the hook-hand and the Paddock Wood Old China Town, I know these places. Sometimes when I'm out in town I imagine that if I turn round quickly enough, I'll see Wolfram & Hart's glass edifice; and that Fiveways will transform into White Square.

2. Crossing off a 'to do' list item on the whiteboard at work. It's very satisfying the way the line actually cuts through the ink already on the board.

3. Chocolate because of the way it melts in my mouth. I remember a friend telling me about giving her baby his first piece of chocolate. 'His face just lit up.' That's what I thought about as I ate my chocolate today.