Thursday, February 01, 2007

Vicar, Saki and fancy meeting you here.

1. Reading a news story about boxing being introduced back into British schools reminded me of the chaplain at my prep school, who was rumoured to have been a boxer in his youth. Commonly known as Trev the Rev (Mr Vicary to his face), he always made me think of a baby because he was mostly bald with some wispy white fair hair and he had a wide open mouthed smile that made people want to smile right back. The other thing he made me think of was Dungeon Master from the Dungeons and Dragons cartoon, which in some ways was quite appropriate -- although Mr Vicary wore black, rather than red, and I'm pretty sure the bishop would have had something to say if he had grown his hair as long as Dungeon Master's.

2. Passing a field of chickens called to mind a quote from the Saki story The Mappined Life about the dullness of the local social life and how 'A moonlight hen-stealing raid with the merry-eyed curate would be infinitely more exciting; imagine the pleasure of carrying off all those white minorcas that the Chibfords are always bragging about.' Whenever I am bored in a social situation, I often think of moonlight hen raids with merry-eyed curates.

3. A friend turns up to my yoga class and I get to use the phrase 'fancy meeting you here' in natural conversation. And it's a merry and cheerful friend, so I am very pleased to see her.