Saturday, May 26, 2007

Wedding bells, imperial march and welcome.

1. Tim and Rachel looking so happy on their wedding day.

2. Rachel and her entourage entered to The Imperial March from Star Wars; and as a surprise for Tim, she hired Darth Vader to bring the rings up.

3. I know Tim because I lived with him for a year at the start of the 2000s, but I only knew other people at the wedding very vaguely. It's pretty scary going to a social occasion by yourself, but actually, it was fine. People remembered me from very brief meetings and I find that lots of the things I like about Tim (encylopaedic knowledge of sci fi and fantasy), I like about them, too. I am told about a friend who lives in a half-built house the south of France where you have to take a bath under the stars; and a terrifying story of a flashflood while canyoning. I find myself squired for the evening -- even to the lengths of sitting by while I talk newspaper shop with a former colleague; and advising me on the spelling of Cthulhu (don't ask). When I look lost for a moment, a girl squeezes my arm companionably. Someone invites me to share a taxi at the end of the evening -- and sorts out the payment.