Sunday, October 31, 2010

Russets, blanket and new computer.

Quite a few people have been saying in the comments that they've only recently discovered 3BT. Welcome! But are you all coming from the same place, I wonder? Do let me know who sent you -- it's always nice to say cheers to people who mention 3BT.

1. My heart sank when I saw russets in our vegetable box. Their rough skins set my teeth on edge, and I can hardly bear to touch them, let alone bite into them. But there they are, and they ought to be eaten. So I set to work with a potato peeler, and I'm so glad I did. The flesh is crisp, like those early apples that I crave so much, but denser and more fragrant.

2. Caroline comes round with a present for Baby Badger -- it's a hand-knitted fleecy blanket, which we love immediately. I love these home-made presents -- there are good wishes in every stitch, I think.

3. I'm writing this post at the kitchen table on a new laptop. I'm getting too ponderous to run up and down stairs to and from the computer in the attic; and things aren't going to get any better once BB arrives. We've been discussing this for some time -- but this week's desktop malfunction galvanised us into action.  So the new laptop -- Nick picked out a selection in our price range and that he felt would be powerful enough for our needs. Then he asked which I'd like and I went for the one the colour of the red leather armchairs in a gentleman's club. We bore it back in triumph from the industrial estate, and now I'm enjoying making myself at home on it.