Monday, June 04, 2007

Clang, clatter and Skara Brae.

1. The men taking down the scaffolding are taking a break. They are slurping on ice pops from the news agents across the road.

2. The sound of mancala beads. Katie's board uses those glass nuggets which are so satisfying to hold.

3. I switch on the TV while I eat my supper and come across a programme about life on Shetland and Orkney. We holidayed on Orkney once, and it was good to see familiar places like The Old Man of Hoy and Skara Brae. Skara Brae is a village that was deserted around 3000 BC -- when we were there, we ran wherever we wanted, trying the stone seats and imagining an ancient fire in the hearth, crawling into the sleeping chambers and bundling up in pretend furs, putting our hands into the stone dressers to take out imaginary dishes. Today, the presenter explained that all this was 'privileged access'.