Thursday, June 21, 2007

Crispies, flowers and celebration.

Over dinner, Fenella asks what the highlights of my twenties have been. I have started a list here.

Answer: Because he's in denial. I'm so sorry.

1. Hilary has made me a tin of chocolate crispies, and there's enough for everyone in the building and some to save for those who aren't in.

2. Nick sends a basket of yellow and orange flowers which arrives at lunchtime. No-one has ever sent flowers to me at work before. All the girls marvelled and I was amazed at the detective work that must have gone on, because I'm sure I never told him where I worked.

3. My friends sitting round a table covered in delicious food at the Himalaya Ghurka restaurant. Little dishes are passed backwards and forwards and the conversation flows freely. I was proud of how our party, although the largest in the place, wasn't obnoxious or (too) loud; and of how when it came to bill paying time, exact change appeared as if by magic -- thank you Fenella for making that so easy. As we left, one of the other customers wished us well.