Monday, June 25, 2007

Many hands, mud and my people.

1. Waking up in a tent beside someone of whom I am quite fond.

2. My aunts, uncles, cousins and brother work together to clear up the house while my parents are taking Rosey to the station. When they return, the Mother looks around the house in wonder. 'This was going to be my work for the next few days.'

3. Squishing through mud wearing sandals; and stealing water from my father's waterfall by kicking a breach in the other side of the puddle.

4. Finally having time to pick apart my birthday picture to see who made which square. Thank you to my parents, Daena, He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named, Louise, Fenella (particularly), Jo, Giselle, Ian and Caroline, Katie (also particularly), Caroline from the writers circle, Joe in Vegas, Rosey, Andy R, Andry C, Jason (and Jessy), Janey and Catri. I'll publish a picture very soon so you can see how well Fenella and Katie did.