Sunday, July 15, 2007

Souvenirs, comedy value, furrier and spike-heeled boots.

1. I am having a bad scar day -- this means that when I look in the mirror, I can see a faint white line under my right eye. And on the left side of my nose is a tiny bump, even more un-noticeable. No-one else can see it -- I know, because I've asked. But I check with Nick anyway because he is there, and because he hasn't heard the story yet. He is suitably horrified -- no, he doesn't want to see the pictures. He suggests he might congratulate the plastic surgeon on a job well done. He says he's kissed that place about a hundred times and never seen the scar.

2. Little Jason dancing with very, very tall Luke. Jason is wearing a kilt.

2b. Jason's bathroom is apt to be surprising. 'There's two dead birds drying in the sink and a rabbit pelt curing on the towel rail.' I go in to have a look, and as I leave the room, I hear someone saying: 'I can't think of any other girl who would...' Later, I am told a story by Paul: 'I went to the bathroom, and he said, "You can help me out by going in this bucket". It had this roadkill squirrel skin in it that he was preserving.'

3. A pair of spike-heeled boots flops against the doorframe of the kebab shop. Inside, two girls, one in socks, flop against each other.