Saturday, March 07, 2009

Full house, caution and a short.

Aditi Sodhi emailed me recently to tell me about her blog -- it's a very simple concept: she records the high point and the low point of each day at A Journey to the Centre of Myself. The most common criticism I get of 3BT is that it is not balanced, and it's interesting to see how a person might address that.

I also really like Aditi's statement explaining that she hopes to find a balance between her highs and her lows.

1. Our heads are buzzing, and no-one feels like working so we are sent home at noon. Nick happens to have taken the day off, so I'm not going home to an empty house.

2. She is not sure about this visitor, but can't help sneaking looks over the edge the coffee table.

3. It's film night, and we decide that the main presentation (Rocketeer, a tale of air aces and German spies battling in 1930s Hollywood) should be preceded by a short (What's Opera Doc).