Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Routine, book and pear juice.

Here's a guest post from Fiona Robyn. These beautiful things are taken from her new book, The Letters, which came out this week. You can pick up a copy from Amazon, or direct from the publisher, Snow Books.

1. They kiss cheeks at the door, and Violet is grateful for the press of his cheek on hers, warm and solid like a crust of freshly baked bread. (p124)

2. Once, when it was blowing a gale outside, she found herself wrapping herself in layers and layers of clothes and walking along the beach, just to feel the strength of the weather pushing against her body. This is what people mean by exhilarating, she thought, as she watched the sea kicked up into tatters and pushed her shoulders forwards into the wind. (p199)

3. Her son sweeps her into his arms and waltzes her around the kitchen. She wriggles a little at first but relents and relaxes into his grip. She notices a kiss-curl in his hair and is struck by a bolt of affection. Wasn't it only yesterday when she'd lift him from his bath and swaddle him in his favourite red towel, his eye-lids drooping with sleepiness? How did he get so big? (p144)

And these are my beautiful things.

1. Getting back into the routine after a week away.

2. Sneaking reads of a book while I wait for supper to cook.

3. Peeling a pear so the juice runs down my fingers.