Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Tidied, what happened next and gifts of the magi.

1. The town under a spring mist looks like a pile of junk in the corner of the room covered by a piece of voile.

2. A couple of winters ago I was temping in an office. A week into my stint the guy at the desk next to mine came back from his holiday looking as if he had discovered some wonderful truth. He kept telling us: 'I'd never have done it before, but now I can only say, if there's something you want, go for it. Do it.' He had fallen in love over the internet with a girl from Cape Town, and he had taken a three-week holiday to meet her for the first time. Yesterday on my way to work, I saw him -- and a girl -- on the other side of the crossing. I couldn't catch her voice over the traffic -- I hope she had a South African accent.

3. They bring some wine, and a chocolate tart, which are both really needed by me.