Friday, May 14, 2010

Waiting, sandwich and seeing.

1.In the waiting room again. A little boy scoots over to say hallo, to ask if I'm seeing the nurse and to tell me to shush.

2. A cheese and pickle sandwich (made with Branston's and home made bread).

3. We watch Art of The Sea -- a documentary about... well art, and the sea. There's a segment (starts at 02:30) about John Wonnacott, who is most famous for his portraits -- but apparently, he considers a stretch of coastline his main subject. The amazing thing is that his stretch of coast is on the Thames Estuary, Leigh-on-Sea -- which with its mixture of mud, tack and industry, is really not known for its loveliness. Wonnacott talks about how if you get to know a place, if you study it and really look, you find beauty. "All beauty is a bit strange... A loveliness I don't think I would find terribly interesting... Visual beauty is to do with a kind of exhilaration... I like it when they build a new cafe where I can sit and draw, a new lamp post, a new jetty. They're always rebuilding these overflows."