Sunday, May 30, 2010

Found, the house and Lark Rise.

1. I take Nick to the gallery at Trinity -- it's the last day of a magical exhibition called Lost and Found. The room has been screened off with sheets, to create spaces stuffed with ephemera and small treasures. My favourite was a stack of postcards from northern France, all reading: "Peter, love Daddy" -- except the final one, which read: "Daddy's coming home". The reason I've come back for the final day is that visitors are invited to pin their own losts and founds, written on luggage labels, to the sheets, and I want to see the new stories.

2. Because I'm very excited to be getting a real house, Katie and I walk up the hill for a nosey at our new place to be. It just so happens that the landlord (and his small daughter on a set of reins) has dropped round to check the cleaning is satisfactory, so he lets us in for a look round. I take in some of the details I missed before -- a cellar, the gas hob and the giant fridge. The landlord's daughter says she wants to go in all the bedroom cupboards -- but when it comes to it, a peer round the door is enough.

3. An evening of folk music with The Lark Rise Band brought to life some of the songs and scenes from Flora Thompson's books.