Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Compliment, latching and getting my supper back.

1. The midwife comes for her final visit. She says that Alec is lovely -- which means a lot coming from someone whose job is babies. It also means a lot because he has baby acne, scratches on his face from his long nails and flaking skin caused by his extra two weeks inside. Nick and I know he's lovely, but it must be hard for other people to see it!

2. Yvette, whose 3BT posts I mentioned earlier this week, recommended this short film about baby-led feeding. We give it a go, and marvel of marvels, Alec latches on all by himself. What a grown up boy.

3. Other new parents have told us about the interrupted meals. We have our first experience of Alec requesting a feed just as Nick brings our supper to the table. I can only plug the baby in and watch longingly as my stew and dumplings and peas and sweetcorn goes in the oven to keep warm. It tastes so good when I get it back.