Sunday, January 02, 2011

Nightwaves, chore and Christmas treat.

1. "It's good to have the radio for these night feeds," says Nick. "It makes you feel as if you're not the only people awake." We're listening to a New Year's Eve concert of modern folk music from Edinburgh on Radio 3 in an effort to keep Alec alert enough to feed. I never feel alone in the night -- Nick wakes up to record the details in his feed log, and spots for me as Alec latches on.

2. Although Nick has said I'm not to do any housework, I sneak downstairs and hang out the washing -- it's a task with a beginning and an end that I know I can do well, and I feel good about that.

3. I finally get my port and Stilton, although I have to have them posted into my mouth because a wakeful boy wants to sit on my knee.