Sunday, January 23, 2011

Last resort, greeting and nursery rhymes.

I've just found a parenting blog written by someone who also has a Baby Badger! It's a girl baby, though, and she's six months older than Alec.

Sara commented yesterday and mentioned that she is doing a 40 things challenge for her 40th year. Her blog, Small Steps, Great Journey, is here. I think her project is rather inspiring.

1. Nick brings home the latest Continental Modeller -- his train magazine of choice. It features a layout based on the station at Arosa, the ski resort we used to go to as a family because it was much loved by my grandfather. I wonder what drove the modeller to pick this resort -- perhaps he had happy memories of one last run, Hotel Streiff and of hand feeding black squirrels and crested tits in the woods.

2. Louise comes round to meet the boy. Most guests only see him asleep, but for Aunty Loulou he is a bit cross and scratchy. She holds him, all the same, confident and unafraid, and he is eventually calm and comfortable enough to... oh dear, sorry Louise... fill his nappy.

3. A beautiful book by Alison Jay -- Nursery Rhyme Rainbow's delicate crackle glazed pictures are full of references to rhymes and poems, and we are looking forward to sharing them with Alec.