Thursday, August 04, 2005

Mmm tasty, watching me watching you and fungus.

1. Three of us had ordered prawn ciabattas for lunch. The barman bought them up from the kitchen and shouted what sounded like 'Three salmonella sandwiches and a brie salad'. We collapsed in giggles.

2. Spotted a goldfinch eating thistle seeds along Mount Ephraim. I stopped, and he stopped and we *watched* one another for a while, until I realised that people passing were watching me. (Photo by Michael Grant)

3. Also on the way home, I ran into Ed. He spotted some white lumpy things under a tree to one side of the path. 'What are those?' I couldn't tell from where we were standing so we yomped into the long grass for a proper look. Their leggy proportions and light shagginess made me think they were parasol mushrooms, but I wasn't sure enough to pick them for supper.