Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Adaptation, can do and when monkeys attack.

1. I was totally determined to do homemade Midwinter cards this year. I designed them; bought the card; created a house moving announcement that would fit in the envelopes; bought new printer ink... and then discovered that my up-until-now saintly printer prefers not to work with card. The beautiful thing in this festive drama is the moment I decided that I wasn't going to die on this mound and redesigned the cards and moving announcement to fit on a sheet of A4 paper folded into quarters.

2. Running against a problem at work and feeling that I can resolve it.

3. Madie and I decide on a New Year's resolution. We are not going to feel rejected when we ring people and they say they are too busy to talk to us. They don't mean that they don't want to talk to us ever -- they are merely too busy to talk right now this minute. To underline our intention, we will only feel rejected if:

  • Monkeys in the zoo point and laugh at us
  • The sun moves a cloud over us so that it doesn't have to shine on us
  • When we walk under street lamps they go out so other people don't have to see us
  • Rain falls around us because it doesn't want to touch us.