Saturday, July 12, 2008

Aerial, the ring and the tower.

We went to Cirque Surreal last night.

1. Two storeys up, a man hangs by one hand from a canvas strap. He holds with his other hand his partner's foot. She is upside-down, her hands on his feet. Suddenly, she drops. And catches herself by her feet, on his feet. I have been holding my breath.

2. An acrobat in white holds his partner, who has bent herself into a ring, above his head. He proudly rotates to show us all this wonder. Then he drops her and catches her, still in a ring, around his waist.

3. Three acrobats balance on each others' shoulders, a three-times high man. We cheer, and they grin at us, meeting our eyes with swaggering, smouldering virile pride. Then, almost un-noticed amid the thunder and the set-up for the next act, the man tower tips forward -- three perfect bodies heading for the floor. But they catch themselves in forward rolls and the thunder rises with our whoops and cries.