Saturday, July 05, 2008

Shop talk, rolling and dragons.

1. While I am working at Sarah's, the cleaner comes in to do the floor. She recommends Spiderwick Chronicles. The other cleaner prefers something more racy. I suggest Scarlet magazine from WHSmiths and she says 'Is that all right for someone who's 40 to read?'

2. Crossing the park I am held up while a little boy shrieks with laughter at his father pushing a toddle truck down the path and chasing it.

3. Exotic fruits. Today I notice a dragon fruit -- a rosy pink I associated with silk, adorned with rows of lime green scales. A cut fruit nestles in the display --the white pulp is dotted with black. It looks a bit like frogspawn, and the cut surface bears fingermarks where the curious have poked it.

PS: Cat called to chastise me for mocking slash fanfic as a whole -- there is a big difference between 'slash' and 'real person slash'. Writers of slash are pushing at the frontiers of what it means to consume a story; RPS writers are just rude, and trying to consume celebrities as if they are commodities and not human beings. I do appreciate this difference -- I was being flip for amusement's sake.